Parenthood is an awesome and joyful vocation, yet bringing children into the world and into a relationship is never an easy decision because of the tremendous responsibilities that being a parent brings.

The Catholic Church teaches that the sexual union of the spouses has been designed to show the meaning of love, the power of the union of husband and wife, and openness to new life. Making a moral and responsible decision about the number and timing of children is important and can present a challenge to married couples. Through the use of Natural Family Planning methods, Catholic couples can live out their marital vows in keeping with Church teaching.

This segment explores the Church’s teachings on marriage and procreation, and presents the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning as a moral, healthy and effective way for spacing, achieving, or avoiding pregnancy. In this segment, Tessa and Jelani give a powerful witness of the many benefits NFP it has brought to their marriage.

Areas of Discussion

  • The personal, health, and religious reasons why to consider NFP
  • The benefits: Peace in being open to life, the intimacy, passion and closeness NFP brings to a relationship

About the Presenters

Tessa and Jelani McEwenTessa and Jelani McEwen met in college at the University of Notre Dame, where Tessa studied Sociology and Jelani majored in English. They married in 2007 in live in Chicago.

Tessa and Jelani passionately teach the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning to interested women and couples everywhere.