It was convenient for someone like my fiancé and I who have very busy schedules and can’t commit to an entire weekend or a couple meetings leading up to the wedding.

My fiancé and I could log in and out whenever we both had time due to our busy work schedules and not being able to attend a live PreCana prep class!

We found the class very informative! We also found it very convenient, we were able to divide the class into time frames that worked for us! We also liked the videos!

The majority of our engagement has been long distance. Being in different time zones, in combination with differing work schedules and demands made the online option very convenient. Beyond the convenience however, the videos were very informative and intimate conversation starters! Only one of us was raised Catholic and therefore exposed to these topics more frequently and in more depth. Now that we are both Catholic and pursuing a sacramental wedding and marriage, this course encouraged us to explore and discuss these topics on a deeper level together. We feel we have a more solid footing moving forward toward marriage. Would definitely recommend this course to others!!

The videos sparked conversation between my fiancée and I. I love the convenience of completing the class online.

The online Catholic Marriage Prep class brought in a flexible option as our engagement was shorter than the typical 1 year+. My fiance’s religious background in Christian, not Catholic; your program helped him better understand how marriage works in the Catholic setting.

It was very convenient to take the classes whenever we had time to do so and the information in the videos and the discussions we had after were helpful.

It was convenient to start and stop as we needed to. We both work crazy shifts and it would have been difficult to make it to a class together. This way we could give the program out undivided attention even if it was the middle of the night.

We thought the videos and materials were comprehensive, and very well suited to being able to accommodate distance into a thorough Pre-Cana experience. It was a fruitful process!

It was easy to work with and we could do it on our own time, especially with being out of state. Because of that, we could really discuss things more and not worry about the pressures of others around us. The videos were easy to follow, the website was easy to follow, and the speakers were just like us! It was good to hear other couples’ views on certain topics.

My fiancé and I have very different working schedules and it is difficult to make weekly meetings work for us. This online tool was really great in terms of the content as well as the fact that we could complete it at our own convince.

The Catholic Couple Checkup survey was very useful and helpful with starting effective communication within all areas. The videos were also informative and interesting. Thank you!

I thought it was extremely valuable information and taking the course opens up your mind to new ways of dealing with daily situations with you and your partner; therefore, it creates a way to overcome situations, work with your partner, and continue to grow as individuals and most importantly, as a couple for the rest of your lives.

My fiancé is in the military and because of his job his schedule is constantly changing. We wanted to do a marriage prep retreat, but since his weekend schedule was changing so much we couldn’t risk paying for a retreat that we would have to back out of at the last minute.

The online Catholic marriage prep course allowed us to complete our preparation on our own schedule. With that said, it wasn’t just a lecture, it was a start to many conversations.

The worksheets that went along with the videos guided these conversations and I feel like we were able to get the same experience we would have received had we gone to a weekend retreat, but it costs half the price and we did it on our own time.

The class was helpful and convenient. Also, our Priest reviewed the course and agreed it was a good tool since classes were full at our church at the time.

It was an easy way to have personal time to review and take the course at home.

While taking this class, we felt that much of the advice given was something all married people should have to hear regardless of their religious background.

There is a lot of very solid marriage advice and preparation.

It really helped me and my new husband. Very educational in areas you wouldn’t put much do focus in.

It is a great preparation course and very practical for a couple that may not be at the same place the moment they want to start the process of getting married or have a schedule that makes it difficult to go to a church for the preparation course.

The program was so wonderful and helpful for us as a military couple. Honestly, we could not have gotten married without it.[

Even though we had been together nearly 7 years when we took this class, the course content and accompanying worksheets encouraged us to have new and exciting conversations about our future life together. We would not have thought to talk about many of these topics.

In addition to the great convenience of completing the coursework around our busy schedules, being able to focus on one component at a time, on our own as a couple, allowed us to fully reflect and discuss each area at our own pace.

He travels quite a bit so online was our better option. I love how we got graded because it helped us learn.

I also like how you can watch the videos and take the quizzes on our own pace.

Lastly, I love how people (the guests) on the videos give their personal experience on each topic!

I really think this was better for us than attending an all day class. It gave us time to digest and think about each session.

Each session brought new ideas to us that were a bit of a surprise, since we married late in life, and of course think “we know it all.” The spirituality of marriage and theology of the body were the sessions I enjoyed the most.

Each section was more interesting than the one before and the presenters and couples were great. We actually agreed with so much of what they were saying.

We thoroughly enjoyed it and are even more excited to get married than ever before.

Honestly the online pre-cana course is an amazing resource and we highly recommend it to any engaged couple.

Being from different continents, we were finding it difficult to schedule classes when we’d be in the same place. This course was absolutely perfect for us. We were able to complete it together in person and we loved being able to pause the videos at any time to discuss points as they came up.

Without this course, preparing for our marriage would have been so much more difficult.

The process was easy and informative. We live in different cities so the online option made it very convenient. I highly recommend it!

We took the marriage course online because we work every weekend.

It was nice to be able to go over the course in a relaxed environment that provoked discussion, rather than rushing through and just getting it done.

Luis and I live an hour apart from each other, and both out of town of our home parish. Having the course online made it easy to coordinate schedules, and the modules were concise, relevant, and probably more effective than two full work days of live classes.

The information is presented with a fresh perspective and in a direct manner, and brought up some great conversations that I’m glad we have had before we get married.

I’ve already recommended the course to a coworker. Overall, great experience!

It was nice to go at our own pace allowing for our everyday tasks to still be completed. We were a lot more comfortable talking among the two of us about these personal topics rather than in a group. We were able to spend more time on the topics that we felt we needed to.

We enjoyed being able to do the online course in a private setting so that we could openly discuss anything that came up while watching each segment.

Our big day is right around the corner and we are so glad to have been able to take the class that you all provided, it was very beneficial to our upcoming marriage.

I would recommend the online Catholic marriage preparation course because it allows you and your partner to discuss issues and topics presented in the class in a more intimate setting.

It is especially helpful for couples who do not like discussing aspects of their relationship in front of others.

My fiance and I enjoyed this marriage prep program. Since we are both currently living in different states, this program allowed us to complete our marriage preparation at our convenience.

I liked how we were able to discuss our feelings together in a private setting.

The videos were filled with a lot of great, helpful information that will help us with our future as a married couple.

Most couples go into marriage without knowing everything they need to know about their partners and are ill equipped to deal with the struggles that lie ahead. This class gives you the chance to confront those questions and obstacles that you need to be aware of.

We felt it was very informative and convenient.

Convenience and privacy. We were able to talk openly without feeling uncomfortable.

It was very convenient to complete the course, especially given that my fiancé and I are separated by distance.