We are honored to receive endorsements and letters of support from “church partners” representing many parishes and dioceses. From bishops and priests to deacons and family life directors, our online programs are endorsed as valuable and trusted resources for ministries of any size.

As a permanent deacon who has the privilege of working with engaged couples preparing for marriage, I find your program is a wonderful alternative to the excellent gathered events held in our Diocese. It is particularly helpful when there are distance and scheduling issues, and is very suitable for people serving in the military.

I have no hesitation recommending this on-line program to priests, other deacons or pastoral leaders, and engaged couples preparing for the sacrament of marriage. Thank you and God bless!

Marriage Ministries’ Online Catholic Marriage Prep Class is an outstanding resource that I recommend to all of my marriage couples! The combination of multimedia, expert testimonials/advice and Catholic-centered perspective provides a rich and engaging spiritual experience. ANY marriage would benefit from this preparation, and if taken as seriously as it was designed, I truly believe this can be transformational for many engaged couples. You will enjoy it, learn from it, grow with it, and start your Catholic marriage in the truly Christian spirit of complete and sacrificial love that Jesus instituted this holy Sacrament of the Church to be.

We have used this form of prep for a couple looking to marry, one of whom lived here in Loveland and the other who was living in Africa. It worked nicely… helped them to decide that they should not marry.

The recent couple are both previously married for long periods whose spouses are deceased. I simply did not think they needed to go through a marriage prep program with “youngsters” who have had no marriage experience. This format seems to have worked nicely for these two.

God Bless

It’s so important for a marriage preparation program to both meet couples where they are at as well as be bold enough to proclaim the teachings of the Catholic faith.  Catholic Marriage Prep Class online achieves both, and is incredibly thorough in preparing couples in the Church for the Sacrament of marriage.  Because of its online format, this wonderful program is available to couples all around the world, who may not have access to solid marriage preparation near where they are living.

My couples have good things to say about the online program and I plan to utilize it as a resource in future.  I’m glad to know such a good resource is available.

We are familiar with the program which is advertised on the Diocese of Dallas Marriage Ministries website. We have used it a few times, especially for military, and have found it useful. We will continue to use it in the future for specific circumstances when the Diocesan programs will not work for the couple involved.

As a permanent deacon who has the opportunity to work with engaged couples who are preparing for marriage and in some cases, remarriage, I found your program to be outstanding for several reasons. First, the ease in which you can navigate through the program, its clarity and the format, I believe it lends the couples the flexibility that many need today with the tight schedules most couples are navigating.

From a standpoint of Catholic teachings, your course is well-grounded in Catholic doctrine covering a myriad of topics and provides a strong foundation for their sacramental marriage.

Lastly, you and your organization have shown your willingness to put the individuals’ interest first and were willing to accommodate the couples’ personal situations. In particular, any requests I have made have been answered promptly and to my complete satisfaction.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your online program to other clergy and couples planning their upcoming marriage. Thank you and God bless.

I found the online marriage preparation program engaging and relevant for today’s couples. It surpassed the other on-line courses I reviewed and is an ideal resource for those unable to attend a live course.

I get so many requests for online programs and am so pleased that Marriage Ministries has launched their Spanish-language version to add to the reach of their English-language version which has had such a huge world wide impact.  Online Marriage Prep is ideal for busy couples and couples separated by distance, deployment, etc.