Engaged couples working through the program on their own

Initial Meeting

Catholic marriage preparation commonly begins with a meeting of the engaged couple and a priest or deacon in their home parish. During this meeting, the priest or deacon will discuss the requirements that must be met prior to the couple being married in the church.

Premarital Inventory

A premarital inventory helps to illustrate areas of strength in a relationship, while bringing attention to growth areas that a couple should discuss and work to improve upon. This tool is NOT intended to determine whether a couple should get married. It will encourage discussion of expectations, family backgrounds, personality traits, and more. A comprehensive report is provided (approximately 20 pages) to share with the priest or deacon.

Online PreCana

The PreCana program has multiple elements. The packet downloaded at the beginning includes “his and hers” worksheets that encourage discussion and reflection throughout the course. A series of video presentations is delivered online, each followed by questions to be answered about the topics discussed in the videos. After finishing all segments, a certificate of completion is provided.

Follow Up

Couples are encouraged to meet with their priest or deacon after completing the premarital inventory and the online PreCana. This meeting is a time to review the Catholic Couple Checkup report and the pages of questions with notes taken during the PreCana program.

Wedding Day

The wedding rite takes place with the Sacrament of Matrimony, one of seven sacraments Catholics believe to be channels of God’s grace. Rich in tradition and liturgy, the Church offers this sacred opportunity to join with family and friends in dedicating the couple’s marriage to God, the author of all love.

Education and Enrichment

Just as a garden needs to be tended to in order to grow and thrive, marriages are strengthened by the commitment to continued learning and relationship building. This program begins with marriage preparation and continues with 12 months of marriage education and enrichment opportunities following the wedding.