Hey, we know how it goes. “Stuff happens” sometimes! 

When you need to cancel your gathered event or weekend retreat, how do you best serve the engaged couples that were planning to attend? Tell them to go online!

Low Enrollment

If you don’t get enough couples to register for your event, it may not be financially possible to conduct the class. Your couples will be delighted by the online alternative.

Inclement Weather

Snow storms, floods, and tornadoes can lead to power outages and bad road conditions. Tell your couples to stay home and do their marriage prep online.

Presenter No Show

Your PreCana event is ready to go tomorrow… but your presenters just called to cancel? No problem! Contact your registered couples right away and direct them to the online course. They will appreciate the option.

Scheduling Issues and Conflicts

The dates you have scheduled for live classes may not work for an engaged couple, due to their work, school, and personal obligations. You may not have an event available before their wedding. Send them online anytime.