One of the most common questions we get from priests, deacons, and office staff is, “If the couple is doing the program online, how do we know they actually did it?”

Nuts and Bolts

One of the most common questions we get from priests, deacons, and office staff is, “If the couple is doing the program online, how do we know they actually did it?”
The fact is, the online marriage prep class offered by Marriage Ministries ensures a higher level of accountability than what is reasonably possible in a “classroom style” gathered event. Ask yourself this question:

How many couples are truly, intently focused throughout a traditional group event, especially as the hours go by?

  • Quiz Following Each Segment

    During a “live” course, is it typical for the presenter to stop after every single topic to quiz couples in the room about the subject that was just discussed? Probably not, but that is exactly what happens online. Couples that work through the online marriage prep class have to successfully complete a series of questions following the required video presentations.

  • Can They Fast-Forward Through the Videos?

    The fast-forward button is actually disabled during the video segments that have not already been viewed. Once a video has been viewed, the system will allow couples to fast-forward in that video, but only up to the point  where they stopped watching it previously.

    Consider this: even if the fast-forward option was always available, it would not be helpful to use it. Since there is a quiz following each required segment, couples remain active and focused on the discussion.

  • Certificate of Completion

    It is only after a couples successfully completes all of the required elements of the course that they will be presented a Certificate of Completion. The certificate is provided with the instruction that the couple bring it with them to their follow-up meeting with their priest, deacon, sponsor couple, or ministry staff.

Self-Paced Learning

Year after year, studies continue to underscore the benefits of paced, self-led learning. During his keynote presentation at a recent National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers conference, renowned educator, therapist, and author, Dr. Bill Doherty explained the science that has proven that online learning can be as effective — if not more effective — than traditional classroom learning.

Focused and Alert

Today’s couples have a lot going on. Their lives are undoubtedly more hectic than ever before, juggling work, school, family obligations, and more. It doesn’t do any good for somebody to sit through a course if they are too tired or distracted to focus on what is being discussed. The online course is on-demand, meaning that it’s there when couples are ready to focus on what they are doing.

Freedom to Review

One of the great aspects of recorded content is the ability to watch it again. Couples that are going through a segment are able to rewind to go over a topic again. They can go back to a previously-viewed segment, even if they completed it already. In fact, we keep the course open to couples for a full year after they finish!

Diverse Presenters and Range of Topics

Variety is the spice of life. It’s also a great way to maintain interest and attention. There are 19 different topics included in the online marriage prep class, featuring 24 people witnessing to their faith and life journeys. That means engaged couples benefit from the perspectives and expertise of two dozen people.

Some segments are presented by a priest or other individual. Most of the segments are produced “interview” style, with Frank Hannigan discussing the topics with couples. Further to the point of variety, the couples span age ranges, length of time married, interfaith, intercultural, and interracial relationships. This deep level of diversity and breadth of shared life and faith testimony would be difficult to achieve in traditional marriage preparation programs.